Understanding Reasonable Force

Understanding Reasonable Force When Defending Oneself or coming to the Aid of Another Person. (1-Day Course)

Target audience: Church groups, businesses, office environments, transport staff, in fact any groups that want to understand the law in relation to use of force in self-defence situations and learn some effective self-defence and teamwork restraint techniques.

Course Content 
  • What the law says (Use of Force)
  • Determining the appropriate response
  • Practicing a range of self-defence skills
  • Applying the techniques in the defence of another person
  • Learning and Practicing Physical intervention team work approach in managing a violent person.
Course participants receive a certificate of attendance. Please phone or email for further information and to book a course for your team.
The course is limited to 12 staff, however additional courses can be put on to cover a whole staff team at a discounted price. All participants receive a copy of the course notes and a certificate of competence.
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