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MAV Consultancy is based in Leeds West Yorkshire but works nationally.
I have known Mr Patrick Duggan professionally and as a personal friend for almost three years. Over this period, I have observed him train nursing and healthcare staff in hospitals and care settings. 
Patrick is knowledgeable and brings a kind and gentle yet very professional approach to his practice. He is skilled and he can motivate staff and manages to get the best out of people even in difficult situations. 
Patrick’s practice focuses on the proactive prevention of violence and aggression, rather than merely the reactive response to incidents. He has contributed to the Multi-Disciplinary team and trained nursing staff to create calm and conflict free environment, and prepare detailed care plans to help them anticipate and avoid violence.
Patrick has trained me in ‘breakaway training’; while the course is mandatory for me to practice as a psychiatrist, I also found this invaluable to anticipate and feel confident that I can work safely. 
I wish him and MAV consultancy, the very best!

Dr. Ashim Bettadapura
MBBS, LLB (Hons), MSc, FRCPsych
Consultant in General Adult and Forensic Psychiatry
I have worked with Patrick Duggan for a number of years in the capacity as a colleague at The Priory Group and more recently through MAV consultancy as a Training Consultant in the wider area of public and private Healthcare and Education.

Patrick brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and skills to the training room that adds a lot of extra value for participants.
From the Senior Management positions Patrick has held, he has the capacity to understand the complex needs of the organisation and give advice on how to manage the current legislation they work within.

Patrick’s vast clinical experience enables him to identify with the issues that staff face. He easily builds rapport, which is of great benefit in the training room as it allows participants to engage with the training and feel confident to ask the questions they need answering to resolve the issues of working in challenging environments.  

I thoroughly recommend Patrick and value his ability to assist organisations to achieve their results through improving the processes and staff’s knowledge and capabilities. 

Rachel Knowles
Niche Development
Patrick is a very experienced trainer and consultant who has worked in the health and social care industry for many years. 

His knowledge of PMVA, conflict resolution and restraint reductions methods are exceptional and I would personally recommend Patrick to any organisation who is looking to ensure service user and staff safety whilst complying with all of the regulatory standards and legislation. 

I cannot recommend him highly enough. 

Mark Dawes
Director, NFPS Ltd
Patrick has been providing Management of Aggression and Violence training and consultancy services for Active since 2006. 

This has enabled us to provide services to more people requiring positive behaviour support, as well as finding effective solutions to help individuals through crisis situations.

Patrick has a wealth of knowledge and experience that he has freely shared with our staff team. His warm, casual approach makes it easy for learners to comfortably develop high levels of skill in safe and effective management of challenging behaviours. 

Karen Pogson 
Active Social Care Ltd
  • Residential Care Staff working with people who have a learning Disability & Challenging Behaviour.

    Very well presented all parts covered well and useful.Trainer asked us to train according to our specific work needs and scenarios.Every part useful, very good trainer.The trainer was really good and covered everything I needed for my job role.Techniques taught well, trainer very helpful and knowledgeable.Learning how to use different techniques to keep self and others safe.Great day and very well presented thanks.Escorting and holding as needed in our workplace.Enjoyable training great knowledge demonstrated.Brilliant course, brilliant trainer thoroughly enjoyed the course.All useful a good balance between theory and practice.Very good training, enjoyable well lead, great demonstration of knowledge.Enjoyable course learnt a lot. Feel comfortable with all breakaway techniques. Great atmosphere. Certainly do this course again.I feel that I have learnt a great deal presented in a systematic, measured way. I feel much more confident.Very clear and concise didn’t move on until we had all proven ourselves competent and confident with techniques.Training delivered very well, I can take back these low level approaches to my work setting.

  • Local Authority & NHS Staff Conflict Resolution Courses

    I gained a better understanding around the triggers for conflict and how to approach these, being honest and being prepared to apologise where necessary. A very informative course presented by a knowledgeable facilitator.This course was made to fit our needs.Facilitator had a clinical background so he could understand our roles. Good use of PowerPoint / film/ small amount of role play.Course tailored to fit our workplace needs.I learnt how to de-escalate / diffuse / avoid conflict, physical stances to take to achieve the above, possible anger triggers and how they can be avoided or reduced.Learnt the importance of body language, listening, communication, reasonable force, Patrick is very friendly and makes the course fun as well as interesting.Learnt the importance of verbal de-escalation in dealing with difficult situations. Interesting and entertaining, kept my interest throughout.Very informative this will help me in my daily community work.I learnt how to de-escalate situations that I might find myself in; I will use this in practice both in the office and out on visits. I haven’t enjoyed training for a long time; I very much enjoyed this course. Thanks PatrickVery good facilitator, good update, very interesting. Thank you.I learnt how to position myself if feeling threatened and to think of the anger triggers patients may have.

  • Conflict Resolution & Breakaway / Disengagement course

    An extremely well delivered course, Patrick engaged the whole group with good examples of behaviour and experiences he shared with us. I will ensure my colleagues attend this course as we can all benefit from this training, enabling us to adhere to Trust values in the delivery of high quality care.Very well presented and very useful. More staff need to attend as it is a great courseReally useful information to take back to the department + Patrick was really interesting, good to get to know the group and discuss different scenarios that they bring from their own work areas. The course should be held more regularly so staff can attend.I learnt skills to defuse anger and aggressionI have a better understanding of how to deal with difficult situations. Very enjoyable day.Patrick was really approachable I really enjoyed the course.Very useful course, excellent practical demonstrations. Excellent course:- Good fun, good team building, knowledgeable trainer, useful.Patrick made the course very interesting and informative would definitely recommend.

  • Prevention & Management of Violence & Aggression Physical Intervention course

    The recovery position was brilliant, the instructor was excellent, he knows his stuff. The new recovery position should be implemented (safe and dignified alternative to face down restraint) Training was well presented. Explanation and demonstration was good.Trainer made the PMVA course enjoyable and educative.Tutor is very, very, very good. He is a brilliant tutor, enjoyed the course it was engaging and motivational.Really enjoyed the course, understandable and great.Clear, precise explanations and demonstrations. Tutor excellent, made it interesting and interactive.The course was excellent, tutor was knowledgeable, course content good, training very interesting. I learnt the new recovery restraint position. A marvellous trainer, brilliant job.The new technique recovery position was very good.Patrick was excellent at delivering the course, very good attitude, welcoming, very clear communication. Easy techniques to remember enjoyed the course.It was a great pleasure and the best training I have had. Thank you Patrick. Very informative course learnt new techniques. He was relaxed and full of charisma, the course is detailed.He is a very good trainer vary pleasant and humble.

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