Welcome to the MAV Consultancies resources page. Please click on the links for current guidance, best practice and information on the safe management of challenging, aggressive and potentially violent behaviour. This page will be periodically updated with the latest video’s and downloadable information.

Guidance on Restraint Reduction, Physical Intervention / Positive Handling

Positive & Proactive Care

Department of Health. April 2014 Positive and Proactive Care: reducing the need for restrictive nterventions.

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National Institute of Clinical Excellence Guidance

Violence and aggression: short-term management in mental health, health and community settings NICE guidelines [NG10] published date: May 2015.
Use of Reasonable force Advice for Head teachers, staff and governing bodies July 2013

Departmental advice to clarify the use of force in schools for governing bodies, head teachers and school staff.
Department of Education Behaviour and discipline in schools Advice for head teachers and school staff January 2016
Health & Safety Executive (HSE) Guidance on managing workplace violence.

Workforce Development

Skills for Care:

Violence against Social care and support staff Summary of Research November 2013
Skills for Health 2014

A positive and proactive workforce A guide to workforce development for Commissioners and employers seeking to minimise the use of restrictive practices in social care and health.

News Articles

BBC news report 17th July 2011 Restraint technique could be fatal, research suggests
MAV Consultancy Ltd Videos

MAV Consultancy's Patrick Duggan discusses the once established practice of face down restraint in UK mental health hospitals. He discusses a safe and effective alternative the recovery position restraint hold.
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