Positive Handling in Schools

Positive Handling in Schools

The positive handling course provides your teaching and pastoral staff confidence in their intervention strategy when managing pupil challenging and violent behaviour, safe in the knowledge that interventions are legal, safe and reflect national guidance and best practice.

Positive Handling Course Content

The MAV Consultancy positive handling in schools course can be delivered across a day or a condensed version is available with a one-hour presentation, followed by two hours learning and practising positive handling and defusing skills. 

The course presents participants with an understanding of the law, Department of Education guidance on the use of force in schools, some strategies for defusing situations and the practice and application of positive handling skills. 
The techniques used are National Federation of Personal Safety (NFPS) positive handling skills which have been risk assessed and tested for their effectiveness, safety and ease of learning. 

They are also compatible with a number of other systems of physical intervention and have concern for the safety of the pupil and staff central to their design.  
The physical handling techniques staff will learn include practising guiding and prompting techniques, low level holds and finally responding to increasing levels of hostility, for example walking the pupil, sitting them down, going to knees and de-escalating the situation and restoring calm.
During practice, participants will have the opportunity to raise scenarios of particular pupil behaviour and interventions will be suggested and practised. 

If time permits and if requested we can provide techniques for separating fights, responding to hair pulling and bites will also be covered.
The course is limited to 12 staff, however additional courses can be put on to cover a whole staff team at a discounted price. All participants receive a copy of the course notes and a certificate of competence.
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