Conflict Resolution & Safe Working

Conflict Resolution / Keeping Safe in the Workplace

The conflict resolution courses help staff to understand clients and their own anger triggers and learn and practice behaviours and techniques to prevent, defuse and deal with difficult situations when in face-to-face or telephone contact with service users or customers.

Conflict Resolution Course Content

The MAV Consultancy conflict resolution / keeping safe in the workplace courses help participants to better understand service users / customers anger triggers, assess potential risks of escalation and learn and practice a range of behavioural and verbal strategies and techniques to prevent, defuse and manage difficult situations. 

The approaches learnt reduce the chance of escalation, keeping staff safe in the workplace and restoring service user / customer satisfaction of the service on offer.
To enhance course participants learning, MAV Consultancy is happy to work with staff commissioning the training and devise a course to meet their specific service needs. 

For example, if scenarios are provided, they can be built into the course in order that staff can practice the skills taught on scenarios relevant to their workplace.
The courses are dependent on participants area of work, for example nurses working in the community can include lone working, safety risk assessment and breakaway / disengagement techniques in order to remove themselves from an attacker.
For courses without a breakaway / disengagement component the course is limited to 24 staff. For courses with the breakaway / disengagement component, the course is limited to 12 participants. All participants receive a copy of the course notes and a certificate of attendance.
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