Behaviour Management

Managing Challenging Behaviour / Developing Positive Behavioural Support Plans (PBS)

MAV Consultancy provides two courses aimed specifically at the care sector, that help participants understand clients challenging behaviour. The first course provides staff with the skills to prevent, diffuse and manage challenging behaviour, while the second course focuses on the assessment skills to determine the circumstances in which the behaviour occurs. fianlly we cover the writing of Behavioural Support Plans (BSP) to ensure that behaviour is managed in a consistent manner across the team.

Courses Aimed Specifically at the Care Sector

To enhance course participants learning, MAV Consultancy is happy to work with staff commissioning the training and devise a course to meet their specific service needs, for example, if scenarios are provided, they can be built into the course in order that staff can practice the skills taught on scenarios relevant to their workplace.
This course helps participants to gain an understanding of the factors that may lead service users to display challenging behaviour and aggression and the verbal skills they require to prevent, diffuse and manage the behaviour. 
This course aims to explore the definition of challenging behaviour and how it impacts on an individual’s life, participants then gain practical experience of completing an ABC chart and of writing behavioural support plans to ensure the care team manage the behaviour in a consistent manner.  
The course is limited to 24 staff. All participants receive a copy of the course notes and a certificate of attendance.
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